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The Ossory Classic Truck Show

The Ossory Classic Truck Show 2024 - poster featuring details and a photograph of a vintage Bob Rowe truck

July 28th 2024

With Trucker’s Party Night on July 27th

This year’s Ossory Truck Show will take place in a new format, namely our Vintage & Classic Truck Show, which is open to Retro Trucks and Commercial Vans.

Prizes will be awarded for the ten best exhibits – five trophies and five certificates. A Trucker’s Night will take place at the Ossory Showgrounds on the preceding night, July 27th, with live music, food and drinks. Camping facilities will be available at the venue, with more information to follow.

In 2016 the Ossory Truck Show was established and ran alongside the agricultural show. In 2022 & 2023, the truck show was hosted by the Highwaymen Ireland, a friendly group of dedicated lovers of the road, who attracted a huge interest in the event, with trucks rolling in from all four corners of Ireland and beyond.
Unfortunately the weather prior to last year’s event was so wet, we were compelled to postpone the agricultural show for reasons of health and safety, and although the Truck Show did go ahead as scheduled, it took place behind closed doors, in consideration of public safety. 

Such was the ordeal of trying to remove the trucks from the saturated grounds after the show, we made an entirely new roadway through the site ahead of the following week’s rescheduled agricultural show.

Though we gained a new road, we have also bid farewell to The Highwaymen, who have set off in search of solid ground for their 2024 truck show. We wish them every success in their future endeavours, and thank them wholeheartedly for two wonderful Ossory Truck Shows.

 To exhibit, please contact Seamus on 086 2306828

A Classic Dodge at the Ossory Truck Show